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Euroclassics Porsche is a local family owned Porsche center proudly servicing and selling since 1986, we have been providing excellent customer service for over 27 years and we would be happy to have you as part of our Porsche family.

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Euroclassics is Richmond’s exclusive Porsche dealer. We believe our cars should be as unique as the people who drive them, so we strive to keep a diverse inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles.

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Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

Ultimately, the feeling of freedom comes from within. The interior of the Boxster models is purposefully designed as a declaration of independence. The geometric form of the cockpit follows a clear direction: forwards. The ascending centre console integrates the driver optimally into the vehicle by positioning the gear lever extremely close to the steering wheel to enable fast and sporty gear changes.

Porsche Cayenne


For us, enthusiasm is the salt of life. The passion and drive with which we face everyday challenges. That’s why we built the Cayenne. A versatile vehicle that enjoys the short sprint as much as the long distance. For exhilaration – and relaxation. And with a range of standard equipment that is far from ordinary.


You aren’t the cosy type, but you do appreciate the value of comfort and convenience. The interior of the Cayman models will therefore make you feel right at home. Here, everything is focused on one goal: advancing with a blend of sport and comfort. The driver is optimally integrated in the vehicle.

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Euroclassics Customer Appreciation Day at VIR on Oct. 12th

Euroclassic’s 14th Annual Driver Education and Customer Appreciation Event will take place at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) on Columbus Day, October 12, 2015. This popular event is a great opportunity for drivers to take their cars on VIR’s 3.27-mile track, which is rated one of the top six road courses in the US by Car and Driver Magazine. VIR, located near Danville, Virginia and near the North Carolina Border, is a “motorsport” resort that is a vacation destination for serious drivers, car lovers and their families. Keep an eye out on our website for more information. In the meantime, save the date – October 12, 2015 for this event.   Sign up TODAY!... read more

How to Correctly Pronounce Porsche & Other Porsche Fun Facts

As one of the most popular sports cars worldwide, Porsche is the definition of what a luxury car should be. Even though its modern style and cutting edge technology is continually expanding the automobile industry’s horizon, the Porsche brand is one that is rich with history and interesting details. In fact, one of the most debated topics to date revolves around the correct way to pronounce its notorious brand-name. Perfectly Pronounce Porsche: a How-To With its ever-growing status and recognition has come the increased question as to which pronunciation of the word Porsche is the right one. Is it Porsh? Porsh-uh? If you were to delve into the actual origin of the word, you would find that its root is from German descent. This may lead you to believe that the right way to pronounce it would be with the emphasis on the “uh” in Porsch-UH. While this may be following the correct German pronunciation, it doesn’t take into account that the word Porsche is, in fact, a family name. Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the world-famous automobile brand, had his company named after him, and rightfully so. As with any name or proper noun, you don’t always speak it the way you would if it was just any ordinary word. Ferdinand’s surname is actually pronounced PORSH-uh. Because the brand was founded upon his family name, the brand would also be articulated in that fashion. And so, the age-old debate ends. Both sides can rest assured that, although the word may seem like it should be spoken one way, for Ferdinand’s name’s sake, PORSH-uh is here to stay. Possibly... read more

20 Famous Celebrity Porsche Owners

When you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, power and performance, where do you turn? Well, according to many celebrities, the correct answer will always be a Porsche. Known for its sleek, one-of-a-kind styling and technological ingenuity, the Porsche has become a Hollywood status symbol throughout the years. Take a gander at the following list of famous celebs who hardly ever take a ride around the city without their trusty luxury vehicle. Famed Collectors While some of the names in this category are not specific Porsche collectors, they all share a mutual love and respect for rare, expensive cars. Jerry Seinfeld: An avid car collector, Seinfeld is no stranger to Porsches. From his 1970 911 S that Steve McQueen drove in the movie Le Mans to his rumored Porsche 356 that was once driven by the Dutch police in the 1960s, Seinfeld is one ultimate super-fan. Ralph Lauren: Also falling under the category of one who accumulates extraordinary cars, Lauren has added a rare 911 or two to his collection. Patrick Dempsey: It’s no surprise that Dempsey showed up on this list. It’s a well-known fact that he not only loves Porsches, but is actually a frequent racer and a partner with Porsche in its racing industry. Tim Allen: While you may not have known that Allen has an impressive car collection up his sleeve, the fact that he added a Porsche Carrera GT to it doesn’t come as a shock with its lavish features. Jay Leno: Known for his extremely large selection of luxury and classic cars, a Porsche Carrera GT fits right into his indoor, heated garage... read more

Porsche Rules Winner Board in Oldest Endurance Race

The globally famous sports car race called the 24 Hours of Le Mans had been held annually for decades. Since 1923, it has matched endurance with fuel efficiency and engineering to create an exciting event that’s held on a track near the French town of Le Mans called the Circuit de la Sarthe. There are many car manufacturers who participate in the race, but the most successful car maker is Porsche, which has topped the leaderboard with 17 wins in the 83 years the race has been run. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative machines from Porsche that have bested the competition. 917K Porsche shot into the top ranks of the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time in 1970 with the Porsche 917K. The car took the top spot the following year as well. The 917K was characterized by its long tail and high speeds, though several modifications had to eventually be made to increase stability when racing. The 917K’s entry into the Le Mans in 1970 marked the end of the production car era, in which entrants had been required to use cars modified from those available to the general public. 936 The next Le Mans entry from Porsche to take the top prize was the 936, which won in 1976, 1977 and 1981. This open-top spyder shared both a chassis and other parts from its predecessor the Porsche 917. It had a 540 horsepower engine, and in 1976, the car went 349 laps and 4,769.9 kilometers for the win. 935 The closed-top 935 dominated racing in general in the late 1970s,... read more

Janis Joplin’s 1965 Porsche Has Taken a Long, Strange Trip

Blues-rock singer Janis Joplin was a popular artist in the late 1960s who was known from her pioneering spirit, soulful lyrics and rule-breaking style. Her early death at the age of 27 was a major loss to the music community and fans everywhere. Joplin, a Texas native, struggled to break into the music scene of the San Francisco Bay area around 1965-66, but eventually joined the band Big Brother, which had a following in the area. In 1968, the band released a successful album called “Cheap Thrills,” and Joplin celebrated by purchasing a 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet. Let’s take a look at the history of the car and how Joplin made it her own. How It Started Joplin bought the cabriolet from a car dealer in Beverly Hills, Calif., in September of 1968. She paid about $3,500 for it, a serious amount of money at the time. When she purchased it, the car was painted “Oyster White,” which didn’t suit Joplin’s style in the least. Making It Her Own Joplin paid a Big Brother roadie named Dave Richards $500 to give the car a psychedelic makeover. She didn’t tell him what to paint, and he spent a month on the modifications. The final result was a colorful mélange he titled “The History of the Universe.” It features swirling colors, various vignettes and a group picture of Joplin and the other members of Big Brother on the fender. Recognition The unusually painted vehicle became one of the most recognizable in the Bay Area, and fans would sometimes leave notes for Joplin under the windshield wiper blades. The ragtop that announced... read more
Euroclassics Richmond

Meet The Euroclassics Team

Mark Cooke started Euroclassics in 1988 and has built a business that not only manages to sell Porsche automobiles while maintaining the integrity of the brand, but has built a workplace that his employees love. When asked why a potential Porsche owner should choose Euroclassics, Mark says, “We’re here every day. Our customers have our cell phone numbers. They can call us on weekends. We are completely available to our customers.” His favorite model Porsche is the Cayenne Diesel. He says it’s a great lifestyle car. ‘I have kids, I have golf clubs. I go to the beach a lot. It’s very drivable, has a great sound system and is a perfect everyday car.”

Mark Cooke

Dealer Principal / General Manager, Euroclassics Porsche

Chris has been a member of the Euroclassics team since June 2004, working with clients in the areas of sales and finance. He became General Sales Manager in July of 2012 and he is devoted to not only the Porsche brand, but to Euroclassics’ clients. A certified brand ambassador, Chris says, “Porsche is all about quality, luxury and performance. They are the highest quality production cars in the industry.” Chris’s favorite Porsche of all time is the 1993 RS America because he has an appreciation for rare older model Porsches.

Christopher Rennie

General Sales Manager, Euroclassics Porsche

Chris has been a Euroclassics team member since 1996, but he has a total of 21 years experience with Porsche because of his earlier careers with the previous Porsche dealership as well as Import Autohaus. Chris appreciates the Porsche brand because of the excitement the vehicles provide. He says, “The driving experience is unparallelled.” About Euroclassics he says, “We are a top-flight facility with a small, family feel.” His favorite model Porsche is the new Boxster GTS because it epitomizes the “Roadster” feel that Porsche started.

Chris Stone

Service Manager, Euroclassics Porsche

Mark has been with Euroclassics since October of 2009 when he decided to leave his position as a contractor with Philip Morris and pursue his lifelong love of cars full time. He loves the Porsche brand because he says, “Porsche builds a superior car” and he likes working at Euroclassics because, “We are fair and honest, and we’re not overpriced.” His favorite model of Porsche is the new 911 (because of the new PDK transmission – ask him about it).

Mark Filippi

Parts Manager, Euroclassics Porsche

Euroclassics, Richmond’s Porsche Dealer

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