As one of the most popular sports cars worldwide, Porsche is the definition of what a luxury car should be. Even though its modern style and cutting edge technology is continually expanding the automobile industry’s horizon, the Porsche brand is one that is rich with history and interesting details. In fact, one of the most debated topics to date revolves around the correct way to pronounce its notorious brand-name.


Perfectly Pronounce Porsche: a How-To

With its ever-growing status and recognition has come the increased question as to which pronunciation of the word Porsche is the right one. Is it Porsh? Porsh-uh? If you were to delve into the actual origin of the word, you would find that its root is from German descent. This may lead you to believe that the right way to pronounce it would be with the emphasis on the “uh” in Porsch-UH. While this may be following the correct German pronunciation, it doesn’t take into account that the word Porsche is, in fact, a family name.

Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the world-famous automobile brand, had his company named after him, and rightfully so. As with any name or proper noun, you don’t always speak it the way you would if it was just any ordinary word. Ferdinand’s surname is actually pronounced PORSH-uh. Because the brand was founded upon his family name, the brand would also be articulated in that fashion. And so, the age-old debate ends. Both sides can rest assured that, although the word may seem like it should be spoken one way, for Ferdinand’s name’s sake, PORSH-uh is here to stay.

Possibly the Most Interesting Automobile Brand Ever

Along with its controversial enunciation, Porsche has a plethora of fascinating facts and history just waiting to be explored. From its ingenious and imaginative founder to its separate lines of machinery and work vehicles, Porsche has earned its place of recognition in the automobile world.

Coming from humble beginnings in Stuttgart, Germany, Ferdinand constantly pushed the boundaries with his daring designs and inventive prototypes. He not only came up with the first electric car in 1899, he also originated the first car to have brakes on all four wheels. His inspired racecar design showed the world in 1922 that smaller, sleeker vehicles could beat out those larger, more powerful cars by winning 43 races.

Designing Formula One cars and a Mercedes-Benz prototype that could have been the fastest car on earth at the time weren’t the only things that Ferdinand had up his Porsche sleeves. He also imagined and developed the first Volkswagen Beetle, and at his private villa no less. Although creating incredible cars seemed to be his calling in life, he also made sure to get out and live life to the fullest, even chauffeuring Archduke Franz Ferdinand at one point, in his Lohner-Porsche, of course.

Perfecting its Cars, One Model at a Time

From the very first Lohner-Porsche to its renowned 911 model, Porsche has evolved throughout the past century to become a prominent figure in the automobile world. Its popularity took a giant leap when Porsche was brought to the United States in 1950 and sales skyrocketed. The 911 model, which has earned its place in the charts with enduring admiration, almost had its production halted in 1980. Luckily, they kept it going and continued to thrive on its success. The 911’s attractiveness grew even more in 1994 when the production team cleverly figured out a way to cut its production time from 125 hours down to 80, which enabled Porsche to cut down the hefty price-tag for its consumers.

Not Just Automobiles

Although Porsche is mostly known for its super-fast and sleek luxury cars, its brand is much more than that. Developing tractor prototypes, including one that runs solely on regular gasoline rather than diesel to keep coffee-growers’ products uncompromised, as well as winning awards for its forklift models are still part of Porsche’s distinguished brand today. It received even more praise and acknowledgement when Harley-Davidson began to use Porsche’s engines in one of its motorcycle lines, the Harley V-Rod.

With countless celebrity owners and being used in movies and film throughout this generation, Porsche has been a household name for as long as can be remembered. Its production quality, original designs and, of course, its controversial pronunciation, make Porsche a brand that will live on through its deep-rooted history and bright future.