When you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, power and performance, where do you turn? Well, according to many celebrities, the correct answer will always be a Porsche. Known for its sleek, one-of-a-kind styling and technological ingenuity, the Porsche has become a Hollywood status symbol throughout the years. Take a gander at the following list of famous celebs who hardly ever take a ride around the city without their trusty luxury vehicle.

Famed Collectors

While some of the names in this category are not specific Porsche collectors, they all share a mutual love and respect for rare, expensive cars.

Jerry Seinfeld: An avid car collector, Seinfeld is no stranger to Porsches. From his 1970 911 S that Steve McQueen drove in the movie Le Mans to his rumored Porsche 356 that was once driven by the Dutch police in the 1960s, Seinfeld is one ultimate super-fan.

jerry-Seinfeld-PorcheRalph Lauren: Also falling under the category of one who accumulates extraordinary cars, Lauren has added a rare 911 or two to his collection.


Patrick Dempsey: It’s no surprise that Dempsey showed up on this list. It’s a well-known fact that he not only loves Porsches, but is actually a frequent racer and a partner with Porsche in its racing industry.


Tim Allen: While you may not have known that Allen has an impressive car collection up his sleeve, the fact that he added a Porsche Carrera GT to it doesn’t come as a shock with its lavish features.


Jay Leno: Known for his extremely large selection of luxury and classic cars, a Porsche Carrera GT fits right into his indoor, heated garage that stores upwards of 130+ vehicles.


The Young & the Restless

Falling into a completely different category than those listed above, these Porsche owners are those who run with the younger Hollywood crowd.

Lindsay Lohan: Often spotted with her black Porsche Panamera, Lohan has always been a lover of all things luxurious.


Miley Cyrus: Just because Cyrus is less experienced than Lohan doesn’t mean that she can’t own something just as nice. Driving around the sporty Porsche Cayenne GTS is excellent example of this.


Hilary Duff: Sticking with that “female actor in her 20s with a Porsche” stigma that’s been shown thus far, Duff thoroughly enjoys owning her 991 Carrera S.


Rihanna: Taking the top spot in best birthday present ever received, Rihanna’s Turbo S takes the way others have accumulated their Porsches to a whole new level.


Ashley Tisdale: You can never go wrong with a car that you can put the top down and drive around with the wind in your hair, which is exactly why Tisdale loves her Porsche Boxster so much.

Chris Brown: Porsche Panameras aren’t just for young, female actors. Brown had his Panamera customized with his own original artwork.


Rob Dyrdek: Keeping his style throughout all of his crazy stunts, Dyrdek’s white Panamera turns heads wherever he goes.


Sporty Cars for Sports Players

Major athletes are known for their opulent taste in vehicles, which is why selecting various Porsches to add to their vehicle arsenal is a natural choice.

Dwight Howard: Basketball’s “Superman” knows the power of a great car when he sees one. To further enjoy the ride, he customized his black Panamera to the max.

Robinson Cano: This baseball star followed in others’ footsteps and made sure to trick out his Panamera 4S with custom rims and headlights.


Andres Torres: With a career on the baseball field, Torres knew he could handle the speed of his black Panamera.


Alexei Ramirez: In keeping with the trend of athletes customizing their Porsches, Ramirez put a kit on his white Panamera to round his after-market rims.


The Classics

Those famed Hollywood names that are recognizable world-wide also take an interest in their beloved Porsches.

Tom Cruise: Always the professional, Cruise not only drove a 1979 Porsche 928 in one of his most popular films, Risky Business, but also owns a Porsche 911 himself.


Sylvester Stallone: While he used eBay to sell his beloved Panamera, Stallone still goes down as one of the most renowned Porsche owners to date.


Ellen DeGeneres: DeGeneres’ success shows when you see her driving her silver Turbo S around LA.


Jim Carrey: It’s no joke that Carrey knows how to keep it suave while cruising around California in his black Panamera between comedy filmings.


With so many celebrity examples of Porsche ownership, it’s easy to see that if you want to maintain your star status in Hollywood, it’d be a good idea to nab yourself a one-of-a-kind, luxurious Porsche.